Davy Jones Dead at 66

In some sad news, former teen heartthrob and The Monkees lead man Davy Jones has passed away, according to TMZ.  Other members of the band have released statements on the matter, first Micky Dolenz had this to say:

He “had bad dreams all night long” only to wake up and learn that his longtime friend and band-mate had passed away.  He also said: “Can’t believe it…Still in shock…had bad dreams all night long. My love and prayers go out to Davy’s girls and family right now.”

Peter Tork, the bassist for the group, had the following to say:

“It is with great sadness that I reflect on the sudden passing of my long-time friend and fellow-adventurer, David Jones.  His talent will be much missed; his gifts will be with us always. My deepest sympathy to Jessica and the rest of his family. Adios, to the Manchester Cowboy.”

The much-beloved singer first rose to fame with the formation of The Monkees in 1966, which the producers figured would reach levels of success akin to The Beatles.  While they never did reach such levels of fame, they were still quite well known, and their TV series The Monkees is still widely beloved by fans, and the albums still sell well to this very day, and they are often recognized as the first publicly put together ‘boy band’, which became common practice in the 1980’s and 90’s.

While visiting a horse ranch in Florida, Jones began experiencing chest pains in his car, where a ranch hand found him struggling.  The ranch hand says he was having trouble breathing and complaining of chest pains, so the singer was rushed to a Martin County hospital.

Now, the Martin County Medical Examiner has stated that Jones passed away as a result of the heart attack.  The singer/actor was 66 and will be sorely missed.

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