David Gordon Green Has Written/Directed A Road Comedy With Paul Rudd & Emile Hirsch

Director David Gordon Green hasn’t had the most successful career as of late. His last two movies (The Sitter and Your Highness) were critical and financial bombs and a lot of people are beginning to wonder if he’s lost his touch. Pineapple Express was the last time his name really meant something to most, but it looks like that’s all about to change.

Variety has reported that Green recently wrote and directed a road comedy starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch. He’s done this out of nowhere and it’s called Prince Avalanche. It’s a remake of the Icelandic film titled Either Way, which is being described as:

“In the remote north of Iceland in the 1980s, Finnbogi and Alfred spend the summer painting lines on the winding roads that stretch out to the horizon. Soon the barren wilderness becomes a place of adventure, disaster and discovery as both men find themselves at crossroads in their lives.”

I know I’m in the minority, but I really enjoyed Green’s last two films, despite everyone else virtually shitting on them. Has he declined in quality as a director? I’d say slightly, but he still knows how to direct darker comedy and I hope he continues doing so.

I’m excited to find out more information on Prince Avalanche, are you?

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