David Fincher Is Directing The ‘World War Z’ Sequel For Paramount

Paramount’s World War Z managed to be a big-budget PG-13 zombie action film that made a decent amount of coin around the world. Part of that was due to the fans of the novel, which I’ve been told is nothing like this movie and the other part of it is due to both the star power of Brad Pitt and the large scale of the film, which I actually enjoyed.

I didn’t love it, but I liked the concept and I’d certainly be game for more. Especially with a director like David Fincher on board.

Rumor broke about this some time ago, but most thought that The Social Network and Gone Girl director David Fincher would never sign on to direct a big-budget sequel and yet Variety has confirmed that he is indeed coming on board.

Is it because he’s interested in playing in the Hollywood blockbuster sandbox or has star Brad Pitt done some negotiating for the studio on this one?

Time will tell.

Source : Variety


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