David Cronenberg Confirms No Eastern Promises 2

David Cronenberg‘s sequel to the mobster film Eastern Promises was set to start filming this October, with Viggo Mortensen reprising his now legendary role, but things aren’t looking too bright for Cronenberg now, according to IndieWire.

When asked about the sequel Cronenberg had this to say:

“We were supposed to start shooting ‘Eastern Promises 2′ in October,” Cronenberg [sic] said, still sounding frustrated and in disbelief. “[But] It’s done… If you don’t like it talk to James Schamus at Focus. It was his decision.”

This is shitty news for sure, but I never imagined a film like Eastern Promises getting a sequel in the first place. It was reassuring knowing that Mortensen and Vincent Cassel were on board to return, plus director David Cronenberg too, but it just didn’t sound like something that had to be made, despite the first film being such an eye-opening display of violence and gritty storytelling.

Eastern Promises 2 still could pop up down the road, but don’t expect anything soon.


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