Daredevil Is Officially Back Under Marvel’s Roof


Sometime late last fall a lot of talk was getting thrown around in regards to Fox rebooting Daredevil. At one point director Joe Carnahan was on board for an R-rated adaptation, with a sizzle reel and everything to help get things going. But he didn’t have enough time and the rights lapsed, causing the character to fall back into the hands of Marvel once and for all.

What came after this shuffle was nothing. No press release, no comments, just no general reaction, aside from Carnahan saying that he tried his best to get things moving before they were too late.

Now Kevin Fiege has dropped this bombshell of a quote on us, causing the confusion to all but go away. When asked if Daredevil was back in the hands of Marvel he reacted with the following:


I know, not the most extensive answer or anything, but at least it’s confirmed. I wish someone would have followed that up with a better question, like what the plans for the character are, if any?

Marvel has their slate pretty much full until 2016, so I wouldn’t count on much Daredevil advancement for awhile.

Source : Bad Ass Digest


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