Danny McBride Might Board Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien: Covenant’

Ridley Scott‘s sort-of-sequel to Prometheus, titled Alien: Covenant has been in the press lately for its odd casting calls. First, Prometheus star Noomi Rapace is apparently not returning to continue the story and now there’s word that comedic genius Danny McBride is in early talks of possibly boarding the film.

This is all sorts of exciting, because McBride is one of the best comedians working in his field today and the idea of him maybe approaching something a little more serious for Ridley Scott has me giddy with glee.

McBride has shown his serious chops in James Franco flicks (of all things, right?), but that doesn’t mean he’ll be straight-faced entirely.

Whatever he ends up being I hope it involves him getting attacked by a face hugger at some point, only to deflect it into a pool of acid, because he’s Kenny Powers damn it!

Source : The Wrap


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