Danny Boyle (Again) Comments On Slim Chances Of ’28 Months Later’ Happening


I don’t know why people even bother asking Danny Boyle about 28 Months Later whenever they have him in front of them. He’s making lots of really interesting movies these days, like 127 Hours and the recently-released Trance (which I still need to see!), so why even bother asking him about an experimental film that he made so long ago?

28 Days Later was awesome and its sequel 28 Weeks Later wasn’t that bad either, but we’re probably never going to see a proper 28 Months Later. So let’s just leave it at that, right?

No, according to some folks.

Here’s the latest on the sequel, which Boyle clearly has little interest in:

“I don’t like zombie movies. I never did. We took a genre and fucked with it. Zombie aficionados, they’re quite precious with all their rules. Like with running: ‘They don’t do that!’ Of course there are so many manifestations of zombies now, the rule book has gone out the window,” he said. “I saw one episode of ‘The Walking Dead,’ and it was very gripping. But the zombies were stumbling around again, which I hate.”

“Given what we’ve just been talking about, it’s very difficult to know whether zombies are overexposed now as a concept. So it’s 40/60 whether 28 Months Later happens or not. But we did have an idea of where to set it and what it might be about,” Boyle said. But just don’t expect him to share just what those ideas are “because they’ll end up in ‘The Walking Dead’ ” he joked.

Let it rest, guys.

Source : Wired

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