Daniel Craig To Get Cut From ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Sequels?


David Fincher‘s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo wasn’t nearly as successful as Sony had hoped for. It made a decent amount of cash in the US and overseas, but it never captured those mega-dollars like the original trilogy. Part of that can be blamed on the original trilogy still being fresh in everyone’s mind and the other on them releasing it around Christmas time. The feel bad movie of the holiday’s tagline just didn’t work out.

I liked the film, but I didn’t love it. Fincher always has a very specific direction that he brings to his films and he certainly brought it to Dragon Tattoo, but Rooney Mara‘s performance, as impressive as it was, just didn’t hold up to Noomi Rapace‘s. Daniel Craig did manage to take the character of Blomkvist to much bigger heights than the original though, so I’ll give them that.

Also, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross‘ score was brooding, dark and haunting, like almost everything they do.

Sony has yet to light the match for the sequel, The Girl who Played with Fire. They’ve been hinting and hinting at getting Fincher to come back, but confirmation has yet to come in. The latest talk is them possibly writing out Daniel Craig‘s character, because if Craig comes back he wants a raise, since Skyfall made over a billion dollars.

That’s not a horrible request at all. The man has proven that he can sell a film and he wants a raise to go with that. Would Sony really write out one of the film’s central characters? I’ve seen the original sequel and while Blomkvist isn’t in it as much as the first film he still plays a very large role for the series as a whole.

I sure hope Sony doesn’t start getting cheap on us.

Source : THR

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