Daniel Craig Signs For Two More ‘Bond’ Films

Despite reports a while back that Clive Owen was possibly being eyed as a replacement for Daniel Craig after the latest Bond film SkyfallMI6 is reporting that EON Productions has managed to secure the actor for two more films, which will bring his total to five.  Still, keep in mind Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton both left the character mid-contract, so if something better/more lucrative comes along for the actor, we might not see these two films after all.

However, Skyfall from director Sam Mendes comes out in the UK in October, and hits US shores in November, so we at least have that to look forward to.  If the trailer is any indication, it will be quite the Bond film.  Supposedly, EON hopes to get the next Bond film out by 2014 through Sony Pictures, which would only be a 2 year gap between films.

Daniel Craig says he won’t be committing to any other films, including the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo sequels he is contracted to do, until he’s done with press for Skyfall, so we’ll see if he sticks to that word.  In the meantime, EON is said to be seeking writers for the next Bond outing, so look for that news to pop up soon.

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