Damon Lindelof Off Prometheus Sequel


Prometheus. Remember when the film was the talk of the town back in May, leading into June? Now it’s mostly bagged on, but that still doesn’t leave us without hope for the sequel, which Ridley Scott would most-likely direct.

Those looking to pin all of Prometheus‘ blame on a sole person have looked towards writer Damon Lindelof and his Lost resume to pass judgment.

It looks like Fox and/or Scott have listened, because he’s off of the possible sequel.

Sure, Lindelof is saying that he’s too tied up in other projects and that he can’t work on a million at once, like his buddy J.J. Abrams, but my money says that there’s a little bit of resentment after his constant bashing since Prometheus came out.

That’s too bad, because the script isn’t a gem and I’m willing to bet Jon Spaihts‘ draft wasn’t perfect either.

Here’s a quote:

So Ridley and I talked about what that other thing might be, and he was excited about doing it.  But then I think what ended up happening was that the movie came out, and there was a reaction to the movie.  And I got really wrapped up in Trek, and really wrapped up in this movie that I’m producing and writing with Brad Bird.  And I have a TV project that I was really passionate about.  Ridley and I had a meeting after Prometheus came out where we started talking again about where this journey would go.  And in that meeting I said to him, unfortunately, before he could ask me and go through the discomfort of whether he was going to ask me or not… It’s sort of like having a date where you’re letting the other person know, “I’m in another relationship.”  So I can’t tell you that he asked me and I said no.  But I did communicate to him that I was working on these other things.

Source : Collider

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