Creepy New Trailer For Intruders

This year looks like a big one for haunted houses in horror. We have Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark coming out next week and Dream House hitting late September, with Intruders following in October. The latest trailer for director Juan Carlo Fresnadillo‘s Intruders gives off a bit more plot. The first trailer had the film tagged as your simple girl getting haunted by some weird monster scenario, but this latest trailer shows it through the eyes of two separate kids, with no connection, getting haunted by monsters. It also hints at star Clive Owen possibly being the culprit!

I’m curious to see how the two kids’ stories tie in together. I really liked Fresnadillo’s work on 28 Weeks Later and I hope he can bring that same independent style to Intruders, which opens on October 7th, 2011.

Check out the trailer below, thanks to Indiewire.

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