Crank Director Brian Taylor To Direct Twisted Metal Movie

Director Brian Taylor; one half of the Neveldine/Taylor duo responsible for Crank (and its sequel), Gamer and the upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, is in talks with Sony to direct a film adaptation of the popular video game Twisted Metal. If he takes the project, it would be a solo gig, without his buddy in crime Mark Neveldine to back him up.

I’m all for Brian Taylor taking a shot at directing a film by himself, but I’m also kind of skeptical. The Crank films, leaving quality aside, are visually insane and off-the-charts in terms of pacing and general story structure. I feel like this perfect balance is achieved thanks to the team work of Neveldine/Taylor. One of them is obviously the nut job who roller-blades with the camera strapped to his back, while the other one cheers him on and figures out how to make sense of it all. It’s like they’re two halves that equal a whole.

But what will happen if you take one half away? I guess we’ll find out if this deal goes down and Taylor officially signs onto the project. I have no doubts in the material chosen. I think Twisted Metal isn’t really in need of a film version, but if anyone would do the source material justice it would be Brian Taylor (and Mark Neveldine).

What do you think about the idea of Brian Taylor directing a film solo? Are you looking forward to a Twisted Metal movie?

(via Deadline)

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