Contest: Win A Free Copy Of War Of The Worlds On 4K UHD

Look, this pandemic has taken its toll on just about everyone in the world in some way or another. It’s becoming harder and harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel while the world keeps slowly spinning back to a new version of “normal”, but don’t be discouraged, because we will someday return to some form of normalcy.

And until that point I thought it wouldn’t hurt to do some good, even if that good is something as simple as offering up a free movie giveaway.

I can fully admit that TDR has taken a back seat over these last few months as I personally have been recovering from a major surgery, only to be met with this pandemic nearly weeks after I was starting to return to my normal life.

It has been hard focusing on anything movie-related, including the usual movie news and reviews. Not just because everything is either delayed or cancelled, but because it’s hard to focus energy on anything that isn’t so doom and gloom given our current climate.

I haven’t felt the urge or excitement to log on and write something, whether that be a personal favorite list or a list of things you should be watching during this downtime.

So for that, I apologize and I promise that TDR will be back in full force very soon. These quiet moments for the site have allowed me to reenergize my internal battery and rediscover my love and passion for film and mass media altogether. I’m rediscovering that passion and drive that made me create this website to begin with and I can’t wait to share that same energy with you all again….very soon.

Until then, comment down below with your personal favorite Tom Cruise movie to enter to win a free copy of War of the Worlds on 4K UHD. If you’d be so kind to throw us a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter, then I will enter your name into the hat twice.

I will also be posting something on Facebook for a chance to earn yet another entry.

This month appears to be Tom Cruise 4K month, with War of the Worlds, Days of Thunder and Top Gun all making their way to 4K UHD, courtesy of Paramount Pictures in top-notch Dolby ATMOS and Dolby Vision fashion.

Alongside these films are more Tom Cruise classics in 4K on digital, including The Firm and Vanilla Sky.

I just wish they’d give everyone what they really want and release Minority Report.

But until then, these films will have to do.

I really enjoyed War of the Worlds and feel that Spielberg’s atmosphere and tone is unmatched when it comes to injecting some emotion and craft into a big budget blockbuster, while Tom Cruise delivers an “off” performance that isn’t a discredit to his skill, but a representation of his range and ability to play both likable and unlikable characters with such ease.

War of the Worlds releases officially on 4K UHD on Tuesday, May 19th. If you win this contest you will get your copy delivered to your door by the following week as I will keep the contest open until Friday, May 22nd.

Good luck!

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