‘The Conjuring’ Franchise Welcomes ‘The Nun’ As Latest Spinoff

The Conjuring 2 is really connecting with audiences and critics around the world. I enjoyed it and thought that it was on par with the first film, but I wouldn’t go on praising it as the greatest horror film by any means.

But I must give James Wan credit as a very talented filmmaker that consistently delivers films of mostly good quality. I personally prefer his Insidious films to his Conjuring films, but I’m glad they’re both finding an audience.

When The Conjuring broke the bank WB/New Line rushed out the spinoff film Annabelle, which Wan helped produce.

That film wasn’t all that great, but it was made on the cheap end and ended up racking in a decent amount of dough, which means The Conjuring 2‘s success will make way for yet another spinoff, only this time following the creepy nun character of the film.

Admittedly, she was one of the scariest elements of the film. I must not be alone with those thoughts, because The Nun is coming soon, with Wan producing and David Leslie Johnson writing.

No word on a director yet, but it won’t be Wan — who is currently too busy with Aquaman stuff.

Source : THR


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