‘The Conjuring 3’ Is Happening Without James Wan In The Director’s Chair

James Wan is a busy director, currently giving it his all to WB for Aquaman, which is still a ways out. What isn’t a ways out is The Conjuring 3, which might be coming out as soon as next year.

Wan being the busy man that he is has left the now-franchise with no choice but to pull in another director. Those of you familiar with Wan’s work might remember that a similar thing happened to his Insidious franchise, which he directed two (awesome) installments.

He also helped create Saw, before handing those rights over and acting merely as a writer, and then eventually just a producer.

Wan is no idiot, which means he’ll probably be involved with The Conjuring 3 to some degree, probably as a producer, but maybe as a writer.

We aren’t sure who will step up to the plate and direct the sequel, but we can say that we are disappointed that Wan won’t be returning. He has a balance to his direction that is very rare, especially in Hollywood filmmaking. His horror is patient, steady and almost always frightening. Very few can wield a camera like Wan can and I can already say that his control will be missed and I hope that the film turns out much better than Insidious: Chapter 3.

Source : BMD


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