Conan Red Band Trailer

I will admit that I do have a soft spot for R rated blood baths. When news first started swirling about the upcoming Conan movie I started to laugh. I never cared for the Schwarzenegger version and I honestly thought the first trailer for the new Conan looked like balls, but that’s all changed now. Lionsgate has been kind enough to debut a red band trailer, soaked with blood. What makes this a tad better than most red band trailers these days? The use of ACTUAL blood! There is no doubt that this film features its fair share of CGI for both the monsters and probably some of the blood, but this trailer indicates that quite a lot of that bright red stuff is done practically! I’m all for turning my brain off for two hours and watching some buff guy without a shirt tear limbs from people’s bodies, especially if we get to see practical blood as a result.

I’ve always hated how studios have started to go with the CGI blood. It rarely looks real and it really draws you out of the film, especially if you go into it with the same mentalities as me. I wouldn’t go to a movie like Conan expecting a great story with Oscar worthy performances. I go to a movie like Conan for sheer violence and blood by the buckets. And I think it is quite nice to be able to enjoy this film with real blood. I give credit to Lionsgate before even seeing the movie. I don’t care if it turns out to be a piece of flaming shit, which it very well could. I’m just happy that they went the practical route for a film that doesn’t look like it will be drawing in much money. They didn’t cut all the corners! Bravo chaps.

Conan the Barbarian comes out on August 19th, 2011 and it stars Jason Momoa, Rose McGowan and Ron Perlman. Check out the red band trailer below, thanks to IGN.

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