‘Community’ News Compendium: Show Renewed; Not Dan Harmon

So there has been a lot of furor over the NBC sitcom Community the past few weeks.  After taking an early spring hiatus, fans were afraid the show would never come back, and then we all saw show creator Dan Harmon‘s very public falling out with star Chevy Chase, who is notoriously hard to work with.

Well, the season finished airing with 3 episodes this past Thursday night, and a lot of fans were afraid that was the last time we’d ever see the Greendale gang.  In a trifecta of news, we are happy to report that Community has been renewed for a fourth season, with a few catches.

First catch, the season will be a short one, instead of 20-24 episodes, we’ll only get 13 new episodes of Community.  It’s still unannounced whether or not Chevy Chase will return, but more on that in a second.  After the announcement of the fourth season order, it was announced that a deal had not yet been reached for series creator Dan Harmon to return to the showrunner position.  Harmon spoke out to fans, telling them not to worry, even if he “didn’t come back”.

In the second catch, they announced yesterday that Harmon will not return, but that David Guarascio and Moses Port would run the fourth season of the show.  Vulture reports that the new showrunners were chosen without any input from Harmon, so that could be troubling news for fans of the show’s off-kilter nature.

However, in the third news item, it’s no sweat off Harmon’s back, as Adult Swim is announcing their new line-up at their upfront, and they have announced the following show:

Rick & Morty – A genius inventor grandfather and his less than genius grandson, and the journeys in life they share.

The show is developed by Harmon and animator Justin Roiland (currently the voice of Oscar on Disney’s Fish Hooks) who has also done some animation work on Channel 101 (created by Harmon) and The Sarah Silverman Show.

Adult Swim also announced they’ll be doing an animated Harold and Kumar show, where we’ll further follow the exploits of the modern day Cheech and Chong.

So fans of Community might be disappointed, but fans of funny animated shows should rejoice, as I’m sure Roiland and Harmon  are cooking up something hysterical for us in the meantime.


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