Colton’s Top Ten Movie Posters Of 2012

The hallways of a movie theater can be best described as an art gallery. Hanging up on the wall are posters that are meant to capture the attention of moviegoers by the skills of the artist. Creating a movie poster could be a daunting task but it’s a way for the artist to showcase their exceptional visual work. Of course there’s always going to be posters that aren’t so visually appealing and fail to convey, but every single year there are posters that are absolutely masterful. Posted below are the top ten movie posters of last year. The posters captured my attention throughout the year due to the simplistic and complex artistry.

10. Rust and Bone (French version)

rust and bone 3

9. Hello I Must Be Going

Hello I Must Be Going

8. Argo


7. Life of Pi (Ukrainian Version)


6. Looper


5. Prometheus

prometheus imax

4. Cabin in the Woods

cabin in the woods

3. The Dark Knight Rises

dark knight

2. The Master


1. Moonrise Kingdom


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