College Student? Want a free PS3? I’ll Show You How

Matriculating to college this fall? Well, I popped into Sony today and discovered that they’re offering a free 160GB PS3, PS VITA, or $200 off your choice of Playstation gear including controllers and accessories with the purchase of any eligible Sony Vaio Ultrabook laptop. This is an extremely good deal for anyone already considering picking this laptop up, because you’re essentially getting $250 off the Vaio and getting a free PS3 thrown in.

This isn’t too far off from the deal Microsoft was offering last year when they gave away free Xbox 360s to prospective college students who purchased select Windows 7 computers. It looks like the cheapest Ultrabook is around $769 and you will need to provide proof that you’re a student, using an .edu email address if you’re making the purchase online, or showing a student ID if you buy the computer in a participating store.

Desperation or smart marketing? No one can ever be sure with Sony. They definitely have to get back into the good graces of the gaming community after the recent stupendous gaffes in security. Maybe this will be the beginning.

The offer will be available at Best Buy, Dell, Frys, HPDirect, NewEgg, and of course, Sony.


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