Christian Bale Officially Playing Steve Jobs

christian bale

Rumors have been swirling the internet for weeks and now the dust has settled and the paperwork is apparently signed. Aaron Sorkin, writer of the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, has confirmed that Christian Bale will indeed be playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming film that doesn’t star Ashton Kutcher.

The script was originally offered to director David Fincher to tackle, but he passed and the project is now in the hands of Danny Boyle.

My reactions to the entire project are mixed. I think Bale is a perfect choice and is absolutely going to eat up the most-likely excellent material that Sorkin has prepared for him, but I’m still slightly hesitant on the idea of Boyle directing something that was once possibly Fincher’s.

Fincher would be cutting it pretty close to The Social Network in terms of making a film about a billionaire’s rise to success, scripted by Aaron Sorkin, but seeing Fincher work with Bale would have been a real treat, while Boyle is so hit-or-miss these days.

The film should be interesting at the very least, which is far more than I can say about the last attempt at adapting Steve Jobs‘ life to the big screen.

You excited?

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