Christian Bale Isn’t Just A Great Actor; He’s Also A Great Person

I know this isn’t breaking news by now, but I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to comment on Christian Bale‘s recent visits to the hospital housing some of the victims from the fatal Aurora shooting.

Bale has always been a favorite actor of mine, but this kind gesture just goes to show what kind of person he is too. Warner Brothers went on record and said that he was acting alone and that they had nothing to do with his appearances, which only backs up my claim even more.

The Dark Knight Rises had nothing to do with a madman going crazy and gunning down innocent people, but Bale still went out of his way to reach out and help these people, just for the sake of doing so, which goes to show just what kind of person Christian Bale really is.

Bravo Bale for raising the spirits of people that need it the most.

(via CHUD)

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