Christian Bale Calls Up 8 Year Old Cancer Patient To Chat Up Some Batman


The world of film is a cutthroat business, with actors mostly getting bad reps for being inconsiderate assholes or uptight snobs. I’m not saying that they are; I’m just saying that’s what a lot of people call ’em. Almost every single actor working in the field today has that one moment where they were caught on camera or audio doing something ignorant like yelling at the guy setting up the lights or being disrespectful to a grateful fan. I get it, we’re all people and sometimes the limelight can weigh you down and make you a shitty person to the public eye.

What’s always refreshing is when we come across a story of good. For instance, The Dark Knight Rises star Christian Bale going out of his way to chat it up with an 8 year old cancer patient that happens to be one big Batman fan. Bale has been known to help fans in any way possible, having visited several hospitals after the Aurora shooting. It’s just extra reassuring knowing that he’s doing this entirely out of his good will and not because the PR companies want him to get some good press.

Bale’s always seemed like a level-headed guy that’s genuinely appreciative of his fans and this warm video below just goes to show you that he’s got a heart of gold:

I say bravo to Bale for making a young kid’s miserable day that much better. You’ve done a good thing Mr. Bale and I wish Zach Guillot the best in his fight with cancer.


Source : Batman-News


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