Chris Pine And Tom Hardy In This Means War Trailer

Damn it! When I heard that Chris Pine and Tom Hardy would be starring in a film called This Means War I almost jumped through a glass window. Two, really good actors that are finally breaking out a little in an all-out versus war film? I was beginning to have flashbacks of the Jason Statham/Jet Li picture called War that really didn’t feature any head-to-head war between the two, but then I saw Reese Witherspoon‘s name attached to the project with Terminator Salvation director McG in charge.

Wait a fucking minute here, This Means War isn’t a balls out action flick pitting Pine and Hardy against each other in an R rated fashion? This Means War is really about two spies who are dating the same woman (Witherspoon) and they go head to head in a competition to see who can win her over? So it’s kind of got that spy thing going on like last year’s Killers with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl? Great, that’s just what we need, another damn light romantic comedy/spy thriller/who fucking cares?

I could see why Pine took the project, since Abrams is taking his sweet time with Star Trek 2, but why would Tom Hardy do it? He was a knockout in Warrior and a big hit in Inception, Bronson and the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises (I hope). I guess it’s time to start widening the range?

This Means War opens February 17th, 2012.

Check out the trailer below, thanks to Bad Ass Digest.

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