Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Is Hilarious In This New Marvel Short ‘Civil War: Team Thor’

One of the biggest complaints about Marvel’s slam-dunk Avengers 2.5 flick aka Captain America: Civil War was the lack of Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor.

Where was the mighty god during the epic battles and introduction of new characters?

We know that they are going to be explaining a few things in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok and we know that things are definitely going to get a bit more cosmic in the future Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that still doesn’t tell us where Thor was during the events of Civil War.

Now we know and I must say that this clip is absolutely hilarious and the perfect kind of marketing Marvel needs to continue to do.

Hemsworth’s comedic delivery is fantastic and just the fact that they bothered filming this and sharing the clip with us puts a giant smile on my face.

Check it out right here.

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