Chris Hemsworth Most Likely Steven Spielberg’s Lead In Robopocalypse

Director Steven Spielberg is currently focused on his upcoming Abe Lincoln drama titled Lincoln, starring Liam Neeson as the titular character, but that hasn’t stopped him from meeting with various actors for his other film, Robopocalypse, which is set to open on April 25th, 2014.

Deadline is telling us that star Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers) has been meeting with Spielberg to discuss his possibility to play the lead in the film. This pretty much means that it’s a done deal, but nothing is official just yet.

Drew Goddard is in charge of the script, which is based on the novel by Daniel H. Wilson. The film will deal with a war between man and machines, with Spielberg tackling topics such as the consequences of creating technology that becomes smarter than us and stuff that’s much similar to James Cameron‘s Terminator franchise, but a little more popcorn friendly.

I personally love the idea of Spielberg doing a big-budget robot movie, especially with Goddard behind the scenes. Adding Hemsworth would only make better!

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