Chris Benoit Film Titled “Crossface” in the Works

SRG Films is announcing they have begun work on a film based on the real life incident involving WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, when he went ballistic and murdered his wife and child before hanging himself from his weight set.  It was a gruesome, depressing story, and the saddest part was Benoit’s deteriorating mental health was noticeable in weekly WWE  broadcasts.

The film intends to tell the true story behind Benoit’s rampage, a long history of injuries, pain killers, addiction, depression, and finally a global headline grabbing murder-suicide.  The incident was a wake up call to the rest of the world as to the reality of the behind the scenes of the wrestling business and just how dark things can become.

SRG Films has this to say about their take on the story:

“All of us grow up believing that wrestling is fake, but looking at the shocking number of deaths in the industry, it quickly becomes evident that there is nothing fake about the dangers of this sport,” producer Carnegie said. “Chris Benoit has become a poster child for everything that’s wrong with professional wrestling and Sarah’s terrific script captures his struggles and the many factors that led to the deaths of three people.”

Writer Sarah Coulter added: “People immediately point to steroids, never thinking about the brain trauma these wrestlers can, and do, incur in their profession, nor do they consider the rigorous schedule that keeps them working even when they shouldn t be. The Benoit story is one that needs to be brought into the light.”

They at least have a good approach to the subject so far, although I suspect many people will see the film just to try to see the gruesome ending play out.  SRG is working with WME to find actors and directors with a planned 2012 start.

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