Chilling First Trailer For Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Wind River’ Has Arrived

Writer Taylor Sheridan has been responsible for some of the best scripts of the past few years. I’m talking about Hell or High Water and Sicario — both intensely shot films that feature deep and complex characters fighting amongst a baron backdrop of scenery.

Up until this point, Sheridan has yet to try his hand in directing, which makes Wind River somewhat of an exciting debut.

Starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen, Wind River follows an FBI agent and a tracker as they discover and investigate a body found on Native American territory.

Technically, it looks to be well-composed and visually engaging, while I hope Sheridan has also continued his streak as a writer with a unique voice and approach to settings.

Reviews have been mostly positive, which leads me to believe that Sheridan might have what it takes to be a writer/director.

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