Check Out Zac Efron In First Trailer For ‘We Are Your Friends’

Zac Efron is one of those hit or miss stars for me. I obviously don’t swoon to him like the girls do, but I do see great talent that needs to get exposed more.

He’s spent a majority of his career sticking to safe roles, while only recently branching out and truly testing his strengths as a performer, starring in comedies and dramas.

We Are Your Friends sort of seems like something that rests in the middle, presenting itself as a mostly surface-level film, while hinting at some of Efron’s dramatic chops.

In the film he plays a DJ on the rise, faced with decisions of loyalty and friendship and just how far one will go to make it big.

It looks good, but I doubt it’ll make anyone’s top ten lists come later this year.

Still, the film seems to be shot decent enough, coming from writer/director Max Joseph.

We Are Your Friends hits theaters in August.

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