Check Out This Short Documentary on Jay Z

Entrepreneurial rapper Jay Z is known for his big shows, hard knock lyrics, and a fast lifestyle. Aside from rapping, Jay is known to promote his Rocawear clothing line and being part owner of the newly relocated Brooklyn Nets encouraging to come to the fancy new arena, the Barclays Center.

Released today was a short documentary on Youtube named Where I’m From. It features clips of Jay Z performing at the new arena, cutting to shots of him being a part of the design and building of the structure; all the way to setting up the lights display and band practice.

It really is an interesting video to watch. You get to see Jay as the hard working but down to earth guy he is. You have to respect a guy who puts so much out for his hometown. I mean, to influence an NBA team to move to your city and get a brand freaking new stadium. Thats some power.

Probably the shining gem of this video is around the 19-minute mark where Jay Z is taking the subway to his final show at the arena. A few bodyguards and tons people taking pictures surround him. But the sweetest moment is when he sits next down an older lady who is flabbergasted by the amount of attention the veteran rapper is. She starts talking to him asking him who he is, and Jay couldn’t be more polite and charming to the little old lady.

Its good to see famous people act like human beings sometimes.

Check out the documentary below!

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