Check Out This Classy Bourne Legacy Poster

Tony Gilroy‘s The Bourne Legacy comes out in August and so far we’ve been bombarded with TV spots and clips, mostly featuring the same footage, but a couple straying away from the usual reveal of hand-to-hand combat and close quarters shootouts.

I’m actually ready to accept Jeremy Renner as a suitable replacement for Matt Damon, because I think he’ll be able to breathe some fresh air into the Bourne franchise and possibly pave the way for a sequel or two. I also like that Edward Norton and Rachel Weisz are in this loosely based sequel, because both always bring charisma that is unmatched.

Most of The Bourne Legacy‘s marketing revolves around Renner’s character (Aaron Cross) being some sort of genetically altered super-soldier, which is fine and dandy, but awfully predictable and very Bourne-ish.

What has caught my attention is this latest poster (see above). It’s classy and retro and nothing that I’d expect from the Bourne marketing team. I like that it almost has an old-school Bond feel to it.

The Bourne Legacy opens on August 10th, 2012.

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