Check Out The Trailer For Indie Comedy The Ultimate Ultimate

It’s very hard approaching indie comedies. I’m not talking about Fox Searchlight films or stuff that Universal puts out under their Focus Features branch. I’m talking about real indie comedies made by young and talented upcoming filmmakers. Guys that go out and make a film on a pocket change budget, yet they still manage to bring a theatrical look and feel to the film. The sound might not be on part with Hollywood’s latest productions and the acting isn’t going to get them any Oscar nominations, but it’s the overall quality of the film that counts.

The Ultimate Ultimate is the latest comedy from the duo of Joe Benarick and Frank Aguirre. The trailers opening seconds might steer you in the direction of the film being just another attempted comedy by a couple of nobodies, but somewhere around the 1 minute mark is when it gets really good. The jokes land with a dark energy that’s hilarious and almost downright offensive to some. From that point on I couldn’t stop laughing at the lines being delivered and it made me that much more interested in checking the full film out.

The official synopsis for the film reads:

After getting dumped by the girlfriend he never deserved, delusional piker Joe (Joe Benarick) and his estranged buddy Frank (Frank Aguirre) decide to take a trip to the neighboring town of Deer Beach—named for its annual deer orgy along the shore, according to Frank. But despite Frank’s best efforts to heal Joe’s broken heart in this execrable town inundated with surly front desk girls, slovenly maintenance men, and more than unbearable downtime, Joe can’t shake the thought of his ex. She was smokin’ hot, and it was so cute the way she’d get mad and stab him and all. Women are such a trip!

I love it! Even the synopsis reads with a sense of humor that’s both dark and funny. The film will be making its festival rounds soon, so stay tuned for a review and more information on when and where the film will be playing. For now, check out the trailer below!

The Ultimate Ultimate is the latest feature comedy from A Set of Works. Filmmakers Joe Benarick and Frank Aguirre, who also star in the picture, prepared for the production by dating two girls, falling in love, and getting dumped by them. The method worked wonders. Additionally, Joe and Frank lost their jobs as co-workers at a Miami Beach resort during the production. While this may not have impacted the movie per se, it’s worth mentioning to maybe a elicit a slow-clap and “Chapeau” from some guy sitting at his desk right now, reading this.

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