Check Out The 8 Minute Trailer For Girl With The Dragon Tattoo!

With the release date for David Fincher’s adaptation for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo quickly approaching, more press material is popping up daily for the film.  A while back, press got a look at an 8 minute long trailer for the film, and many were impressed by it.

Fear not, uninitiated, it doesn’t spoil much plot despite its length, and if you’ve seen the Swedish films, it’s a good look at what Fincher will be bringing to the table with his version.  Take a look for yourself below.

Also, cinematographer on the film Jeff Cronenweth sat down with ICG Magazine to talk about the look of the film.

“Weather plays a big part as the texture of the film. It actually helps you get a sense of what the characters are feeling. It] was challenging.”

Light Iron colorist Ian Vertovec says of the look “Because they wanted this very unique ‘Swedish’ feel, it seems the moon and sky acted like a [cooling] filter. It’s an amazing nighttime look.”

Are you excited for Fincher’s version of the popular novel or are you sick of hearing about the whole series by now?

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