Check Out 10 Minutes Of Disney’s John Carter

In a bold strategy to help build some positive buzz, Disney has released an extended 10 minute clip from John Carter. Unlike most of the trailers and clips released, this 10 minute clip takes place entirely on Earth. It features John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) and Powell (Bryan Cranston) as they get into a tussle with some natives.

The clip starts out a lot funnier and lighter in tone then you’d expect, but it quickly escalates as the action becomes the focus of the clip. It ends rather abruptly, which is kind of lame, but expected. I’m not sure why they decided to release this particular clip because it doesn’t really give us much back story or provide us with one of the cooler looking action sequences. It’s kind of bland, but it still makes me want to see the film.

John Carter opens in theaters this Friday on March 9th.

Check out the 10 minute clip below.

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