Check Out Melissa McCarthy In First Trailer For Her Upcoming Comedy, ‘Tammy’


Melissa McCarthy has been on a roll as of late. Last year’s The Heat scored some major change for her, as well as her work in various other projects.

This year, she’ll be working under her husband Ben Falcone, who’s directing the upcoming R-rated comedy for WB titled Tammy.

It has a great cast behind it and looks to be giving McCarthy a lot of wiggle room in terms of her comedy. I love her line delivery and general ability to come up with golden material on the spot, while I also get a bit worried when she plays too much towards her weight. She’s an incredibly talented actress that’s smart and funny and knows exactly how to deliver comedy in ways that will make you laugh for days.

I sure hope Tammy is more along the lines of Bridesmaids and The Heat and less like Identity Thief, which was far too dumbed down for my tastes.

The film lands in theaters this summer.

Check out the trailer below:


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