Check Out More Heroic Explosions In Latest Trailer For Peter Berg’s ‘Deepwater Horizon’

Peter Berg is the type of director that’s perfect for filming empty heroism. His films often-times feature lots of subtle shots of the American flag, plus lots of explosions and action.

Very rarely does a story manage to tumble out of a Peter Berg film, but maybe Deepwater Horizon will change all of that?

Mark Wahlberg stars in the film about the real-life oil tanker station that went down in a blazing glory.

I have no doubts about the heroics of the brave men and women that were aboard and helped bring people to safety, but I question why this film doesn’t touch up on the sticky topics of the oil spilling into the sea. Not one mention of the horrible damage and aftermath is revealedĀ in the trailer.

Maybe I’m expecting the wrong film?



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