Check Out A Cowardly Tom Cruise In New ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Trailer


Director Doug Liman has claimed that we’ll be seeing a new side of Tom Cruise in his upcoming sci-fi action film, Edge of Tomorrow. Liman claims that Cruise will be playing that of a cowardly man, a man that most wouldn’t describe as a bad ass. He even squeals at one point.

I don’t see that in this new trailer, but I do see enough promise and action to make for a possibly decent start to the summer.

Cruise is usually bankable and a decent lead to boot, so I don’t have many worries, but I am interested in seeing how much of the film goes to Emily Blunt.

Can Edge of Tomorrow prove to be another surprisingly great sci-fi film that deals with repeating days, like Source Code or do you think that it will simply be another rinse, wash and repeat of the same old genre tropes?

The film lands in theaters on June 6th. Check out the latest trailer below:

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