Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill Return In This Red Band Trailer For ’22 Jump Street’


21 Jump Street was a comedic miracle. At the time, not a single person was expecting the greatest comedy of last year to star Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Yet, 21 Jump Street was hilarious and I continue to revisit it quite frequently.

Directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord brought a certain amount of unchained energy to the project, which meant that the sequel absolutely had to bring them back or else it just wouldn’t be the same. Luckily for us, Sony locked them in and most of the main cast, including Ice Cube and Nick Offerman.

This new red band trailer for the sequel looks great, poking directly at fact that the first film somehow managed to impress, while also adding a whole new level of laughs and action. Sequels are tricky business and comedy sequels are even harder to land, but I have some faith in Lord, Miller and their cast.

22 Jump Street opens in June

Check out the trailer below:

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