Celeste and Jesse Forever Trailer Starring Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones

It’s finally time for all the Sundance hits to get a release, and Celeste and Jesse Forever is one of the films that did well at the festival back in January, is gearing up for a theatrical release next month.  Co-star Rashida Jones co-wrote the movie with Will McCormack.  Her co-star Andy Samberg has worked with Jones before on I Love You, Man, but here he takes a more serious role as half of a divorcing couple.

The movie also stars Emma Roberts and Elijah Wood in supporting roles.  The trailer shows that the film probably has a few “true to life” laughs, but for the most part, is a dramatic exploration of a break up between two people that seemingly don’t want to break up, but want to make everything as difficult as it possibly can be.  It will be an odd movie to release in July it looks like, but it doesn’t look like it will get a huge release either.  This is one most people will probably wait for on Netflix.


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