CBS Films To Release A Sequel To The Last Exorcism In March

Back in 2010 there was a found-footage horror film produced by Eli Roth called The Last Exorcism. I initially shrugged it off due to the bland marketing and found-footage fatigue, but I later caught it on home video and ended up really enjoying it.

The found-footage element actually helped add to the tension of the film and most of the cast did a superb job. I enjoyed it, but I was almost glad that I stumbled upon it the way that I did, without any real hype or anticipation.

It has now been two years and CBS Films has decided to release a sequel next year, titled The Last Exorcism: The Beginning of the End. This is a weird decision, considering the first film’s ending and how little room they left to further develop the story.

The title is also a strange one.

Are you looking forward to the sequel? It releases on March 1st, 2013.

Here’s the synopsis:

Continuing where the first film left off, Nell Sweetzer (Bell) is found alone and terrified in the woods. Back in the relative safety of civilization, Nell realizes that she can’t remember entire portions of the previous months only that she is the last surviving member of her family. Just as Nell begins the difficult process of starting a new life, the evil force that once possessed her is back with other, unimaginably horrific plans that mean her last exorcism was just the beginning.


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