Cars 2 The Worst Ranked Pixar Film On RT

Cars 2 is currently sitting at 34% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is the lowest rated Pixar film. Previously the first Cars was the lowest at 74%. This is quite an achievement since Disney and Pixar have been known for making such quality animated films. Toy Story 1 and 2 are both sitting at 100%, while the third film is sitting at 99%. That is very impressive for a trilogy and it looks like the Cars series won’t be able to come anywhere near that.

I’ve never been a big fan of Disney or Pixar, but I do enjoy the Toy Story films and occasionally a few others, like Up and Finding Nemo. I’ve only seen bits of Cars and it honestly looked extremely lame and almost offensive. How can you go from making such a heartwarming story like Up to a movie about talking cars with one of them being played by Larry the Cable Guy? Are you serious? I get that sometimes you want to make a silly movie for the kids, but why do that when you have proven in the past that you can make movies that are both great for the kids and adults? Especially when almost all of their movies have been box office hits. I guess every studio needs a few lazy flicks?

Here is the overall comment Rotten Tomatoes has on Cars 2:

Cars 2 is as visually appealing as any other Pixar production, but all that dazzle can’t disguise the rusty storytelling under the hood.

Ouch, sounds like a loser. Why waste your time this weekend with Cars 2 when you can be watching the hilariously dark, Bad Teacher. Check out my review by clicking here or read Noah’s by clicking here.

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