Cars 2 Review

I want to put this out there and say that I’m a person who tends to give Pixar and Dreamworks a chance. I don’t like to shoot them down just because they are “kids” movies and stuff. Therefore over the weekend I gave Cars 2 a chance even after hearing all of the bad reviews. With that being said, I went into this movie knowing very little because I didn’t watch a lot of the trailers and such for it. You should also know that my review is based off the 2D version. I’m not very fond of 3D movies, so I passed. Regardless I kind of wish I would have headed the advice from other reviewers.

Well if you have seen the original Cars than you know that Lightning McQueen was the main character in that one and the whole point of the movie is to prove that he is a better car than people think. So what does he do? He saves the day and proves people wrong. I was kind of thinking the same thing might be going on in Cars 2 but in all reality this movie was not Lightning McQueen’s movie. It was Mater’s movie. You follow Mater and Lightning McQueen as they journey overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix race. McQueen does what he always does, he races. While Mater does what he always does, somehow gets himself into trouble. This time he finds himself in even deeper trouble than ever, he becomes a secret agent without even knowing he became one.

Even though the plot was pretty lame, the voices were pretty good. Throughout Cars 2 there we quite a few different voices. Mater is voiced by none other than Larry the Cable Guy while Lightning McQueen is Owen Wilson. Some of the new voices in this sequel are Michael Cane as Finn McMissile, Emily Mortimer as Holley Shiftwell, Eddie Izzard as Sir Miles Axlerod and John Turturro as Francesco Bernoulli. Bernoulli is Lightning McQueen’s counterpart in this film. He is the guy who he must beat to win the race, it’s his to lose.

Considering that this is a Pixar film I was rather disappointed. I felt like they really dropped the ball on this one. I personally didn’t mind the original Cars film, but I never thought I’d see a Cars 2. It almost seemed like since they didn’t have much a plot they decided to go with the whole Mater as a spy thing. And even with the Mater being a spy it just didn’t have the pizzazz that Pixar seems to deliver most of the time. It felt lazy and even sluggish at times. Even though  the film ran 113 minutes I didn’t necessarily feel bored or tired of the movie, I just felt like it was there. It was nothing special by any means.

So I guess it really comes down to a couple of things for Cars 2. Are kids going to like this film? Yes, they are kids. I guess that is really all that matters when it comes to this movie since it is oriented towards kids. Will adults who like Pixar films going to like it? Most likely not, I know I didn’t. Maybe if they had taken more time and made a decent plot it would be different, but all in all I felt like they were lazy with the plot and they took the short way around everything. Unfortunately it’s all about the money and how fast things can be produced these days.

Cars 2 – 5.5/10

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