Cars 2 Launches And Bad Teacher Opens Respectably

BoxOfficeMojo has posted the Friday numbers and to no surprise Cars 2 launched in first place with $25.7 million, which is the second highest opening day gross for a Pixar film, the first being Toy Story 3 with $41.1 million. While Cars 2 is no Toy Story 3, the film is still doing very well considering the first Cars pulled in $19.7 million on opening day. So yeah, it got a decent bump, but not too much considering the 3D service charge and bump for inflation.

What I am more excited about is Bad Teacher, which is in second place with an estimated Friday opening of $12.1 million, which is much greater than Bridesmaids $7.8 million opening day and more on par with the likes of Superbad and Step Brothers. I was worried that Bad Teacher wasn’t going to click with audiences. These types of dark comedies usually end up being complete disasters or really strong. Rarely is there a middle ground. Hopefully with the success of Bridesmaids and the hopeful success of Bad Teacher, studios will realize that you can make an adult themed, R rated comedy with women leading.

In other news, Green Lantern is choking in third place with an estimated $6 million, which is a much more severe drop than Thor and X-Men: First Class. I can’t stop laughing…

Check back on Monday for the full weekend box office!

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