‘Captain America: Civil War’ Crossbones & Martin Freeman Photos Revealed

Marvel is really going big with their upcoming Captain America: Civil War. They’re not just bringing in most of The Avengers, but they’re also bringing back a few characters, while introducing a few new ones to boot.

In the bringing back department is Frank Grillo‘s Crossbones. Grillo was last seen falling to his “death” in The Winter Soldier, when his character sort of got destroyed by a building that was collapsing.

But this is a Marvel movie, which means bad guys don’t simply die — they come back in a bad ass-looking suit with a fancy new name.

What do you think of Crossbones?

Also, most have wondered what Martin Freeman‘s role in the film was and now we know that he’s going to be playing a US Government agent in Wakanda. We’ve got our first look at him below.


Source : Empire

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