‘Captain America 3’ Officially Facing Off With ‘Batman Vs. Superman’


Marvel is making some bold moves. We’ve talked about the rumors that they had an undisclosed film set to open on May 6th, 2016, against WB’s Batman vs. Superman, but now we have confirmation from the studio that the film will indeed be Captain America 3.

This is big news for Marvel, because they’re pitting one of their second-rate comic book characters up against two of WB’s most popular. Batman and Superman have been big names for years, whereas Captain America hasn’t really stole the spotlight from Iron Man, Hulk or even Thor, up until The Avengers.

This shows incredible amount of faith in their character and product, especially after Captain America: The Winter Soldier opened to record-setting numbers at the box office and has been mostly praised by critics and audiences alike.

WB is still struggling to get this whole Batman vs. Superman thing off the ground and in the direction that they want, which should ultimately lead to a Justice League crossover film.

Will WB have cold feet and move their film, to ensure maximum box office intake or will they play stubborn and go one-on-one with Marvel and their now gigantic universe, full of rich and diverse characters?

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