How You Can Find Nemo in all 3-Dimensions

The Disney machine rolls on, as we’ve gotten word from The Film Stage that Disney plans on re-releasing the box office smash Finding Nemo in 3D for a limited run starting September 14th. The Lion King in 3D surprised even Disney last fall when the numbers came back to show they made almost $100 million.

Written and directed by Andrew Stanton (psst John Carter) in 2003, Finding Nemo cleared nearly $900 million in worldwide box offices, making it one of the most successful animated features in box office history. It even won an Academy Award for best animated feature. Finding Nemo follows the timid clownfish Marlin who undergoes an epic quest to find his lost son Nemo after he wanders alone into the open sea. Through various adventures, encounters with terrifying sea creatures, and even humans, Marlin must summon up the courage to retrieve his son and live safely again in the Sydney Harbor.

With Disney acquiring Marvel and having a vault of classics that they can re-release, don’t expect them to slow down anytime soon. We have more info on the other Disney successes getting the 3D treatment here.

Let’s make a bet.

$125 million at the box office?


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