Bryan Singer To Shoot X-Men: Days Of Future Past In 48FPS?

The talk of 48FPS hasn’t been too kind as of late. Peter Jackson‘s new method of filmmaking which he used on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been gathering some negative press from critics and audiences alike. Most are describing it as a soap opera presentation that takes away from the film and makes it look like you’re watching actors on a set.

Still, many are agreeing that the technology is still a few years away from being great, so that brings the question as to which filmmakers plan on utilizing and perfecting this new technology.

Star Ian McKellen touched up on it briefly, whiling doing a press junket for The Hobbit. He mentioned that Singer liked the technology and that he doesn’t know if X-Men: Days of Future Past would shoot in 3D at 48FPS or not.

It’s far from a certified scoop, but it does raise some questions, especially after Singer himself tweeted about some “serious frame rate envy”.

Could Singer be prepping his X-Men: First Class sequel for the new frame rate?

Time will only tell.

Here’s the video that McKellen talks about it in:

Source : First Showing

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