Bruce Willis Confirms A Sixth ‘Die Hard’


A Good Day to Die Hard is just a week away, which means star Bruce Willis is out doing the press junkets and getting people excited for this new R-rated entry. I’m sort of looking forward to seeing what Willis and John Moore have come up with for the fifth outing, but I wouldn’t be all too surprised if it ends up disappointing, much like Live Free or Die Hard.

When asked if a sixth Die Hard film would be on tap Bruce Willis simply replied saying yes. I’m not sure if that counts as ground-breaking news or anything, because I assumed we all knew that they’d keep making these movies until they bring in virtually no money.

So yeah, now you’ve got another film to look forward to… or not.

Apple’s got a reflective featurette called A Walk Down Memory McClane that’s worth checking out right here.

Are you excited for the fifth film? Would you be on board for a sixth?

Source : Bleeding Cool

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