Bridesmaids Review

Judd Apatow produces yet another hilarious film called Bridesmaids. It’s got all of that raunchy humor that his comedies are so use to having, but this time its target audience is the ladies. That’s not to say that guys won’t enjoy this film, I really did love this one, but I think that this one will manage to reach a wider audience given its nature.

Bridesmaids has a very simple plot, but it’s held together by the abundance of jokes and a very solid cast. Annie (Kristen Wiig) is picked by her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) to be her maid of honor and to lead the bridesmaids. Annie hasn’t had the greatest track record as of late. She lost her cake business due to a horrible economy and her boyfriend decided to leave soon after. She currently works at a jewelry store and she is rooming with a British brother/sister combo.

Annie is introduced to the all star cast of bridesmaids and things immediately begin to pick up. You have the rich friend that is always trying to outdo everyone else, played by Rose Byrne. You have the newlywed who is completely innocent in the world and just seems to love everything, played by Ellie Kemper. Opposite of Ellie, you have the married mother who is sick of everything, played by Wendy McLendon-Covey and last but not least, the single best thing about the movie, the character of Megan, who is a wild and spontaneous woman played by Melissa McCarthy.

All of these women, along with a few supporting characters help sculpt one funny movie. The story leads them into a ton of wild adventures that manage to keep topping themselves one after another. Everything up until the very end sort of feels unpredictable, which was a breath of fresh air considering the genre.

Bridesmaids really works because of its tone of humor. Most of the jokes are dirty and inappropriate, which made them all the funnier. It’s not every day that you get to see a group of bridesmaids dropping the f bomb around every corner. It’s usually the groomsmen that are described as the foul mouthed bunch of people that are wild and uncontrollable, but Bridesmaids gives you the complete opposite. You get to see the ladies behave in this behavior and that’s one of the big selling points for this film. It manages to give the women a comedy for the ages that lets them have fun while still drawing the guy’s attention for this type of humor.

The entire cast was on the ball here. Each one had their own little bit to bring to the production and it helped balance everything very well. Even small roles like Jon Hamm‘s manage to be funny. He has a very small role in this movie and I thought it was one of the funniest things in the film. I’m so used to seeing him playing the serious guy in films like The Town and it was really refreshing seeing him let loose with a movie like this.

Most people thought the star of this film, Kristen Wiig would be the funniest thing in the film and I did too. Seeing as how she wrote the film and is generally really funny in films like MacGruber and Paul, but I’d have to say that she was outdone by one lady. The character of Megan is by far the best part of this whole movie. She’s crude, rude and downright disgusting in some scenes, which makes her all the better. I haven’t laughed so hard at one particular character in a movie since last year’s MacGruber. The reason why Megan works so well as a character is because she is the complete opposite of everyone else. She’s not the most attractive lady and she isn’t well mannered like the rest of the bunch, instead she just lets everything out. She says what’s on her mind and she takes advantage of every situation possible.

My only complaint with Bridesmaids is that a few of the jokes went on a little too long. There were several times throughout the film that I found myself wondering when the joke would end. It was funny for the first few minutes, but it got old rather quickly and unfortunately this happened a few times. If they would have cut some of these jokes down and maybe tighten up the pace of the film then Bridesmaids could have been enjoyed just a tad bit more.

Overall, I’d say that my review is a bit random. It sort of bounces all over the place and that’s because I really did enjoy Bridesmaids, but I just can’t explain why, other than the fact that it was funny. I didn’t think it was cleverly written or anything, but I did like the way they made it a lot edger and raunchier than your regular wedding/bridesmaids type films. The cast is really great and they make the experience very fun, but a few jokes really do hold down both the pacing and the overall comedy of the film. I think a lot of women will enjoy this film and a lot of men will be surprised by how funny it actually is.

Bridesmaids – 8/10

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