Bridesmaids Is Now The Highest Grossing R Rated Female Comedy

That’s right folks, Bridesmaids has taken the top spot as the highest grossing R rated female comedy ever! The Paul Feig directed and Judd Apatow produced comedy topped the previous record holder, Sex and the City. The film is currently sitting at $152.9 million dollars domestically on a tiny $32.5 million dollar budget.

The film has been playing very strong since its release. Dropping the least amount percentage wise for most of its weeks in release, which is very surprising considering that it, is an R rated comedy that stars a mostly female cast and is aimed towards a female audience. Plus, the film really didn’t have any big stars. The biggest was Kristen Wiig, who hasn’t had the greatest track record as far as being in box office successes. Her last few films include Paul, MacGruber and Despicable Me.

I really enjoyed Bridesmaids. You can read my review here. I thought the film was very funny and fresh. The cast worked very well with each other and it was great seeing females being the raunchy and inappropriate ones for once. Hopefully this will show studios that you can make an R rated comedy with females starring, especially smaller names; like the wonderful Rose Byrne, Maya Rudolph and always funny Melissa McCarthy.

With the success of Bridesmaids and even the Cameron Diaz starred Bad Teacher, I think it is clear that the audience loves some raunchier, darker humor with women starring. I hope we continue to see more great films like these!

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