Brand New Red Band Trailer For ‘Sabotage’, Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger


End of Watch director and Training Day writer David Ayer‘s latest film, Sabotage, is shaping up to a blessing in this otherwise blood-less 2014. There hasn’t been many mainstream R-rated action flicks to get behind. Here’s to hoping that Ayer’s latest is as bad ass as it looks, with Arnold Schwarzenegger starring alongside Sam Worthington and Terrence Howard.

This gritty cop drama follows a DEA agent and his team that pull over a big drug bust that not only leads to a drug cartel taking his family hostage, but also the disappearance of his own teammates. Schwarzenegger is looking mean, pissed off and determined to blow some holes in a few baddies as he fights not just for his partners, but the safety of his family.

I like that Ayer is able to take a procedural cop drama and turn it into something worth getting excited for, by use of his gritty filming style and sizable cast. Also, it’s always great seeing Schwarzenegger back in his R-rated action roots.

Sabotage opens on March 28th. Check out this brand new red band trailer below:

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